The Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance is Committed to Supporting
Your Company and Our Industry

After all the time and energy that goes into winning and keeping customers, Florida's aviation and aerospace companies still have several major problems to overcome.

  • Where will I find the employees to do the work?
  • Will my suppliers let me down?
  • On the one hand, my customers are pressuring me to reduce prices. On the other hand, I have to offer more in wages to find and keep people. How do I stay profitable?
  • I endure government taxes that some of my competitors don't.
  • How do I make our State Government know that I need their help to remain competitive?

At the same time, competition isn't standing still. Our industry is facing stiff competition from neighboring states, neighboring countries and overseas. Every year, new competitors are entering our business arena, putting even more pressure on prices. Did you know that Florida companies are sending BILLIONS of dollars in aviation and aerospace business outside the State every year?

Aviation and aerospace companies from across Florida have told us what we need to do to make a difference. Helping your company become more competitive and making Florida "the global choice for quality aviation and aerospace products and services" is our business and vision.

We do this through our:
Legislative Program of representing your company in Tallahassee and Washington
FAAA Business Network which links "buyers" and "sellers" and keeps business in Florida
Education and Training Program that will help you obtain qualified workers
Networking Opportunities of conferences and meetings and other programs.

The FAAA began with 37 companies as an Aviation Aerospace Task Force in May 1997. In February 1998 the Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance was established as a private, dues paying, non-profit, corporation. Today this growing organization, in partnership with the State of Florida, has succeeded in bringing the Aviation, Space, and Aerospace Defense Sub-Sectors from across Florida together with a commitment to enhance the growth of their businesses and the growth of the aviation and aerospace industry in our State.

If your company or organization is part of Florida's aviation and aerospace industry, then you should be part of the Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance.   Join Now!

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