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Tallahassee – The Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance’s Business Network is one of the most important sections of the FAAA website.

While researching the aviation and aerospace industries, FAAA found that nearly $8.5 Billion in aviation and aerospace supplier and subcontractor work was leaving Florida each year. Large prime contractors were not fully aware of the aviation and aerospace manufacturing and service capabilities that existed in Florida. The FAAA Business Network has linked Florida’s aviation and aerospace buyers and sellers via the Internet.

The FAAA Business Network lists all the FAAA prime contractors and the suppliers and subcontractors by major business category. From this Company Index Page, a prospective buyer or seller can go directly to a Company Business Page and find company contact information, a description of a company, specific company qualifications, and future business opportunities. A link to the company's website link is also included.

The FAAA Business Network is a benefit provided free of charge to FAAA members. If you would like to learn about the FAAA Business Network or FAAA, please contact the FAAA Office at phone: 850/224-0711, fax: 850/222-3019 or email: faaa@executiveoffice.org.

FAAA Membership Benefits
      - FAAA, 4/25/2000

Tallahassee, The mission of the Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance (FAAA) is to make each member successful. This translates to increasing the profit line of each of our member companies. To accomplish this goal, we have worked diligently to provide benefits to our members. Some of FAAA's membership benefits include:

Legislative Advocacy -

Through your input, we identify legislative issues that are important to you and to Florida's aviation & aerospace industry. As a member, your voice will be heard and every effort is made to take into consideration what issues will reduce the cost of doing business for FAAA's member companies.

Information Resource -

FAAA Business Network - this has proved to be an excellent tool for member buyers to find the right competitive source & sellers to find customers.

Cooperative Relationships - Established relationships with many Florida organizations that are committed to economic growth and interested in strengthening our efforts to improve Florida business climate for the aviation and aerospace industry.

Seminars - Conduct various seminars around the state focused on items of interest to the general membership.

Information Conduit - The FAAA is a conduit for information that you need to know in order to gain a competitive edge in the aviation & aerospace business.

Industry Research -

Industry Growth Inhibitors - This list is based on member input developed by interviewing over 175 Florida aviation & aerospace business executives. As a member, we look to you to become involved and influence what is happening in your business.

Qualified Workforce Availability - This is not a quick-fix problem, but the FAAA has engaged the State on the need for additional funds for the Quick Reaction Training program and incumbent worker training. We also have been involved in improving math and science education in Florida's K-12 system.

Capital for Expansion - FAAA has established a Finance and Capital committee to develop programs to help members identify sources of new capital AND help them obtain it.

FAAA Aerospace Industry Study
      -, 06/10/2003

A team comprised of FSU’s Institute for Science and Public Affairs and the Florida Aviation Aerospace Alliance has been awarded a $134,000 contract from Workforce Florida, Inc. to conduct a major study of Florida’s aerospace industry. The study is expected to generate a comprehensive listing of more than 1300 companies doing business in the state, identify their capabilities and determine their needs relative to: education/training, workforce development, technology and barriers to growth. The initial study effort will involve an industry survey which will be hosted on the FAAA website http://fcte.fsu.edu/faaa/consent.cfm All companies operating in Florida that derive revenues from defense, aerospace or space related operations are encouraged to participate in the survey process. Once data is collected, a formal report will be published. Results of the survey will assist the industry in soliciting support from state public policy officials on priority issues.

2003 Aerospace Industry Study
      - , 6/10/2003


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