What the FAAA Has Done for Florida Companies

Reduced the Cost for You to do Business in Florida

  • Removed the sales and use tax on parts and repair of aircraft
  • Modified the sales tax exemption on electricity used in manufacturing
  • Defended the Qualified Target Industry/Qualified Defense Contractor Programs
  • Gained a capital investment tax credit
  • Removed the sales and use tax on the purchase or lease of commercial aircraft

Actions Taken That Will Help You Obtain Skilled Workers

  • Conducted an Industry Needs Survey to determine educational and training requirements for your company and our industry
  • Developed an Education and Training Action Plan
  • Helped obtain funding for the Florida Space Institute
  • Entered into an Agreement with the State Board of Community Colleges for the development of a technical training program tailored to your company’s requirements

Actions Taken to Enhance Your Business

  • Initiated development of the FAAA Business Network to link "Buyers" and "Sellers" in Florida
  • Conducted an analysis comparing economic incentives in Florida with those in competing states
  • Obtained funding to compete to bring the VentureStar Reusable Launch Vehicle Program to Florida – more space business than ever for our State

Building the FAAA to Serve You

  • Full time staff to support member needs
  • Tallahassee office for critical government linkages
  • Bi-annual membership meetings and conferences
  • Chartered by the Governor and other key State leaders to support your business interests

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